Saturday, March 04, 2006

Introducing CrochetCast!

CrochetCast - An Introduction ( click to listen)

Oh my gosh. Well, I guess I've gone and done it again -- jumped in and started a new venture. Pretty much spur of the moment (so what else is new?), I've decided to start a crochet podcast since there seem to be none out there (according to Brenda Dayne's most recent episode of Cast-On). And well, we just can't have that.

Since I really have no idea what I'm doing with the techie side of podcasting, I pray you'll forgive me for being the amatuer that I am and for all audio imperfections. I promise to try to learn the software associated with audio editing and the like prior to the next episode.

Please let me know what you'd like to hear in this podcast. Music? Yes or no? And if so, what kind? What kind of "stuff" do you want to hear while you crochet? Do you like interviews? Essays? Knock-knock jokes? Do tell!

Here are the show notes for episode 1 CrochetCast:

Cast On -
Pointy Sticks Podcast -
My personal blog -
Sexy Knitters Club -
KnitCast -
Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker
Threadteds -
Monster Crochet -

Crocheted Spiral Scarf

Some of my crocheted felted bags

Some of my threadbears (to see more click here)

Please let me know if I've left any links that I mentioned in the podcast out of the show notes, and thanks for checking out CrochetCast.


knitsnspins said...

Hey Jeanie, saw your post on Brenda's list and followed you across. Like what I heard and glad to see another new podcast. Keep up the good work. BTW, I love you bears they are just so cute.

knitsnspins said...

Just another comment. How do we download your podcast?

Jeanie said...

You should be able to right click on the link and then select "save target as" to save to your hard drive. You can then import into iTunes (if you like) by adding the file to your library. Hope this helps.

Thanks for listening!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this podcast! I am a crochter but all the poscasts I could find dealt with knitting ( whis I did learn) but as you said crocheting is faster fo me than knitting.

Question: I have an idea for felted slippers, Can you suggest how I can crochet them and felt them to fit?

I am so excited to know you are here. Looking forward to your next podcast.

xkarenflowerx said...

heylo, i saw the link to this on craftster and i think it's awesome :D i was looking for a crochet podcast the other day and i couldn't find any, so thankyou for making one!!

yay! :)

Christine said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And best wishes with the new podcast. Now we'll have to have a knitting - crocheting - podcasting get together one of these days! *GRIN*

Christine said...

PS - did you submit the podcast to iTunes yet? It took about 3-4 days to get my show actually listed there. Feel free to snag the directions for manually subscribing via iTunes from PointySticks if you would like. has great information on it too.

Elemmaciltur said...

Hey Jeanie! Loving your podcast! Great great great!

BTW, I said hi to you in my inofficial VidCast. ;)

Roe said...

Finally a Crochet Cast!!! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie ! Thank you! I'm a crocheter from waaaay back. Knit too, but believe there is a place for both. I'm so excited to see the rejuvination of fiber crafts in the recent years. And am even more excited to see a podcast devoted to crocheting with notes of knitting thrown in. Keep up the good work -- I'll be waiting to listen to your next podcast while working on my next project.
... marlene
p.s. would love it if you could find a link to a crocheted spiral scarf pattern

sharolene said...

I absolutely love your thread bears! I'm defintely going to make some as soon as I can manage to get my hands on a pattern. Thank you for doing a crochet podcast.

ladylinoleum said...

Jeanie! OMG, I am so honored that you mentioned me! That is so cool! I am going to download both episodes tonight...very cool. I am glad you decided to do this. If you ever need a hand or whatever, let me know. Not that I know anymore about podcasting than a flea on a dog, but I am willing to learn. Very cool! I am adding you to my bloglines...makes it easier to blogstalk.

Lisa said...

The crochet Podcast is interesting, but for those of us still on dialup (and yes, there are still quite a few of us out there) it is very frustrating. The audio comes in bits and pieces as it is buffered.

It would be a great idea to have more than just the podcast of the episode available.

One website that I subscribe to has podcasts.. and 5 OTHER ways of getting the information (MP3's, both high & low quality; webpage with supplementary notes; a webpage text transcript; a simple text file; and a pdf).

While 5 extra methods might be overkill for a crochet site/blog, it would be helpful for those of us on dialup. Not to mention the hearing impaired. Thanks for "listening" to my suggestion.

Braizyn said...

Thanks so much for the cast! Love it.

crochety crocheter said...

I think your site is too cool. Thanx for the crochet idea's.