Sunday, September 10, 2006

Crochet Felting

Click here to listen.

Oh my gosh! A new episode!!! Thanks to all of you who emailed me asking for more episodes and for all the support and encouraging words. Let me know how you feel about unedited episodes for future reference (but be gentle if you hate the idea). Interested in submitting episode content or doing a guest episode? Email me!

Oh and I think I was WRONG about the shrinkage -- after looking at my before and after pics, it appears that you get more shrinkage in width than in height. Once again though, if you get different results, please post that in a comment!

Here's just one example of a needle felting artist's work.

Here is a link to several different felting patterns and books.

And another.


You can see some of my crocheted felted bags in my introduction episode show notes.
Here are a few more...


My crocheted slipper (no pattern) before felting

And after felting.

(yeah, I suggest following a pattern!)

A bag before felting

And after.