Saturday, March 11, 2006

Vintage Crochet

Episode 2 (click here to listen)

Well I just couldn't wait the full two weeks between episode one and episode two... there was just too much to share with you!

In this episode, I reveal my vintage crochet and knitting magazine and pattern collection, I review Interweave Knits Fall '05 issue of their Crochet Magazine, I show off my eBay win, I share with you a new yarn with a cause, and I give a little podcast info to those who are new to podcasts. -
Stargazer's Crochet & Craft Links website -
Adrina Thorpe --
Johnathon Coulton -
Interweave Knits Fall '05 Crochet Magazine -
Andrwe Kesler - ?
Hill Country Yarns --
Cast On podcast -
The Mosh Knit -
Chub Creek -

My vintage crochet and knitting magazines and patterns (it's hard to tell from the pic, but this stack is layer upon layer of magazines and stands about 6" high)

Interweave Knits Fall '05 Crochet Magazine Review

Fingerless Glovettes (Sandi Wiseheart)

Fever Tank (Jennifer Alppleby)

Felted Folk Rug & Chair Pad (Tiffany Reynolds)

Zig Zag Skirt (Mari Lynn Patrick)

Textured Tweed Clutch (Mari Lynn Patrick)

My eBay win

Hill Country Yarns Breast Cancer Awareness colorway

Hill Country Yarns Self-striping sock yarn

Rib Tickler

Gypsy Crochet Swing Top

Gypsy Crochet Vest (way simple!)

Gypsy Crochet Vest


Roe said...

Glad to see a new episode. I listened to your first and I know I will enjoy this one. I have added you to my blog.

How about interviewing Kim of Crochet Me. It's a great online magazine and she has new book out "Teaching Yourself Visually Crocheting".

Zoe said...

Hi, Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed your first two podcasts! I'm new to crochet (always been a knitter) and I am having a great time learning this craft. This podcast has been a great way to find out about other crochet sites, magazines etc. Looking forward to the next episode.

Anonymous said...

hi! i found you through a blurb in the latest edition of 'crochet me'. what a great idea to have a podcast for crocheters. i've enjoyed the 2 episodes you've made so far & look forward to the next one. where did you find the pattern for that gypsy swing vest? it's wonderful!!! - kathy...

Zarzuela said...

Wow! Love what you're doing with the podcast so far. :) I'm bilingual (a.k.a. I knit and crochet ;) ) too, but there has been a serious lack of crochet inspiration out there for me lately (as you can see on my blog). I think you are about to change that for me though! The Threadbears are so damn cute!! :) Keep up the good work. :)


Christine said...

You are doing SUCH a great job with the show! It is almost enough to make me want to crochet! (Until I remember all my issues with crocheting, but we won't focus on that.) I've loved listening!

Jana said...

just going to listen to this one now. i love the tops, especially the rib tickler. i have been looking for a pattern to make my daughter one. another little girl in her music class has one that her grandma had crocheted for her aunt in the early 70's. cute!

Elemmaciltur said...

Hey Jeanie,

just want to tell you that I've listened to the about 4-5 days ago..but ever since I'm back in Thailand, it seems time flies and I don't really get to listen to many podcasts at all (there are blue dots everywhere on my iPod!)...let alone comment right away after having listened to one.

Anyway, I promise that I'll re-listen to the episode again - and if I find time, I'll post my thoughts about it here! ;)

Rhonda said...

Great show! Just gotta round to listening to it. For some reason, my subscription to your podcast in iTunes was removed.

Can't wait to hear about your secret project!!

Jackie said...


I wanted to pop in and say I love your pod casts! I've never before listened to one, and the new CrochetMe issue mentioned you, so I hopped on over.
I love the story about the popcorn afghan!

Also, as you were talking about your vintage knit & crochet magazines, I had remembered that I, too, had some vintage mags, so I went and grabbed 'em while listening to your show.

I can't wait for the next one!
Oh - is there a way to subscribe to your podcast (I listen to you on my PC)

Thanks again!

Mikol said...

I listened to your podcast for the first time yesterday. It is so nice to finally find a cast devoted to crochet. I work predominantly with wire, so I am really looking forward to upcoming episodes on 3-D crochet.

Well done for paving the way.

Persnickety Knitter said...

Hi, I'm a knitter who just learned to crochet this week using Debbie Stoller's new book The Happy Hooker. I really enjoyed listening to your first two podcasts. Looking forward to the next.

KniftyGirl said...

Hiya, this was a great episode and I wanted to tell you your doing a great job and I am excited to hear more. I both knit and crochet. I learnt to crochet first.

Thanks again. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

i met debbie stoller tonight & told her about your podcast. maybe you can interview her! :-)


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Great episode, Thanks!