Sunday, February 18, 2007

New And Improved!

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A new show with an all new format and a new co-host! Inspired by many of the podcasting "duo's" such as Lime & Violet and Stash and Burn, I've asked my friend, neighbor, and fellow fiber-enthusiast (Cheryl) to co-host the show with me. I still do most of the talking in this episode (Cheryl's dealing with a little mic-fright) but the next show will be MUCH more Cheryl and MUCH less me (I promise)!

In this show, we introduce you to my new co-host Cheryl (and all her "critters"), talk about the new upcoming format of the show, and talk about what's on our "hooks" and "needles".
Edited to Add: Seeing as it appears to have done more harm than good amongst the fiber community, the editorial portion of this episode has been removed.

Show notes:
Cheryl's Lion Head Bunny (Mushie)


Cheryl's Tea Leaf LusterSheen Shrug (Leaflet #3922)

Brooks Farm Duet Hat and Scarf
New Crochet Book, Crochet On The Edge (on sale at Amazon)

Grumperina's post about Addi Turbo's needles

Below is a copy of the email I sent to the owners of KnitPicks (roughly adapted from Grumperina's letter to Skacel). Feel free to copy and paste (modifying as necessary) this text into your own email to the KnitPicks folks!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Petkun -- My name is XXXXX XXXXXXX and I'm writing to let you know that I adore your KnitPicks Options needles. In fact, I adore them so much that I'd like to formally beseech you and your research crew to design a crochet hook set that is as impressive as your Options knitting needles.

As I'm sure you know, crochet is extremely popular and there is a niche in the market for a high quality, smooth, and fast crochet hook set (such as your Options needles). I understand that the focus of your company is on knitting, (the name "KnitPicks" somewhat gives it away), however many crocheters patronize your site as well and crochet with many of your fabulous yarns, and would be eternally grateful if you could design and produce crochet hooks as nice as your Options knitting needles. Specifically, a crochet hook set (sizes B - L or there-abouts) that is as smooth and slick as your knitting needles would make crocheting much faster and enjoyable, and you would have many delighted customers.

I know that you and your staff need to have a sense of the market before launching a whole new crochet hook line. Not to worry - I will urge all my crocheting friends who've dreamed of crochet hooks as smooth as your Options needles to write to you. I hope you will see that the demand is high, and invest time into researching this option further.

Thank you again for manufacturing superior products, for listening to the needs and desires of knitters and crocheters, and for your willingness to evolve as the fiber-arts change. I appreciate your consideration. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions, or to request any additional information.



P.S. Being able to purchase additional hooks individually would be an awesome feature as well!

Want us to review a particular yarn? Just have the manufacturer contact us and we'll take care of the rest.


Elemmaciltur said...

OMG!!!! New episode!! iTunes is downloading!!!!! *GAAAAAAHHHHH*

Anonymous said...
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khouria jen said...

i'm a crocheting listener (who can't knit to save her life) of lime & violet. let me just say that i am SERIOUSLY squeeing about a crocheting podcast!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Jeanie said...

Hey y'all, Jeanie here. I just wanted to let you know that I've removed a couple of comments critiquing the Lime & Violet podcast and would respectfully ask those of you who are interested in the same to do so elsewhere. Thanks!

Josi Hannon Madera said...

Perhaps you are unaware that Miss Violet has had a change of heart. You can read another thread, with that conversation here:
Josi & Eliza chat.

Jeanie said...

Josi -- Even if Ms. V. has had a change of heart (which after having read your thread, I can't say is even the case, although she did agree with a few of your "excuses" on why you are the way you are), I haven't. And until you can prove to me and others who feel the same that you are a positive influence to the crochet and fiber communities, my opinion stands. You have said mean and ugly things about me (and many others) Josi, things that weren't even true, for no reason at all, and that alone supports my position.

And Josi, if you are interested in continuing this conversation, feel free to email me as I do not intend to continue this discussion here and will delete all future comments from you.


SyrenMuse said...


I am unaccustomed to supporting anyone that bashes anyone. You did, in your cast, exactly what you accuse the designer of doing.

I would really prefer to listen to a crocheting podcast that does not take sides and does not hold grudges. It only serves to remind me of the old crochet community on LiveJournal.

In a position like yours, where you are podcasting and reaching a wide audience, the idea of using it to hurt others is bordering on vengeance. Your podcast is yours, yes, but I don't get the impression that it's a personal blog. Your comments belonged on a personal blog.

You have a responsibility to act fairly. In one breath you tell the crochet world that the designer has gorgeous work. In another, you tell everyone not to go see her work and the work of others that are also getting income from her website (not me) because she's a nasty, icky person. Ok, maybe in your opinion she is that, but I am sure that's a PERSONAL opinion about a PERSONAL situation when you dealt with the designer PERSONALLY.

There are artists out there that are revered throughout the ages and were weirdos, wackos, bastards, etc... but they made sublime art. Are you going to tell the world not to view a Pollak because he was a drunk?

I am challenging you, as a responsible podcaster, to look at what you said and did and think about whether it was the right thing to do. Or, whether you used your podcast to serve the dish of revenge.

Jeanie said...

For the record Josi, according to Ms. Violet, her position has not changed despite having had a few agreeable words with you.

Jeanie said...

Syrenmuse, if you'll go back and listen to the show, I said at the beginning of that particular segment that I was rendering "my opinion" and that I was going to editorialize for a while, which I did. I also never mentioned anyone's name or website, specifically. If my listeners figure out on their own who I was referring to, so be it.

Regarding this being a "personal" issue that should be handled in a personal way, as you can see, this person "bashed" me long ago on a Live Journal thread simply because I was not able to offer her kits in every possible color combination as she requested. She was able to do so on her own so that was the end of our "venture" together. As far as I knew, it ended on good terms, however she must have felt differently and chose to share that on a Live Journal thread instead of coming to me directly. She also had a "responsibility to act fairly", did she not? And from what I've seen, this person publicly bashes people over and over again in the name of "art" and improving their skills.

And there is a difference between being a "weirdo" (as Pollak)and being just plain mean to innocent people. In Josi's thread above, she tries to justify being "harsh" and "abrasive" as being "just the way she's wired". Fine, I understand that some people are just mean but that does not excuse it. The way I was raised is if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. To be honest however, Josi's smart enough to figure out how to phrase something in a tactful way, she simply chooses not to. And THAT'S my issue. Personally (and yes, this is my opinion), there are enough brilliant fiber-arts designers out there who are pleasant to work with and who actually contribute to the fiber-arts community (as opposed to giving it a bad name) that there is no need to support those designers who don't. I simply ask people to consider a designer's (or a company's) ethics before they support it financially.

Regarding your challenge to think about whether what I did was right or wrong, I assure you that I thought long and hard before I hit the record button about whether I wanted to share my opinion of this designer with others. This particular designer sent out emails to podcasters asking that they promote her new site, and as it just so happens, several of these podcasters said not just no but "hell no". There is such a thing as karma and as we all know, what goes around comes around. If Josi had been a decent person to others in the past, I assure you she wouldn't be receiving all the negative publicity that she is. Is it revenge? No. Is it a warning to others to research the ethics of a particular designer before they support her or get involved with her? Yes it is, and it's a warning I wish I'd have received several years ago myself.

SyrenMuse said...

I deleted my own comment about being excited to see the crochetcast finally up again and then posted the previous comment that you replied to. I have made no other comments on this podcast post. I'm rather put out that you think I'd put an anonymous post up on your blog when I had already put up one with my own name, linking to my own blog. I prefer not to be considered a coward, thank you.

I'm rather shocked, I listen to L&V and like them immensely. If you check my blog and my LJ Blog I have an opinion about them and the designer in question. I attempt to take no sides.

I've been in the hotseat when it comes to the person you referred to and yes, she does explain her actions as "her wiring" but a lot of people choose to use that mask. People have many masks.

The reason that I wrote what I did was because I wanted you to know that I think stirring up the crochet muck is just bad business. Karma is a word that's bandied around quite a bit, how about the simple Christian ethic of turning the other cheek?

Re: Pollak, crochet designers, artists... all weirdos but it's all in how you embrace your weirdness.

Jeanie said...

Syrenmuse -- I had you confused with a different commenter and edited my response to your second comment accordingly.

I will gladly turn the other cheek (and did) when doing so doesn't endanger others. In other words, I did nothing when Josi first expressed her opinion of me on a Live Journal thread. She's had patterns for sale on her previous site ( for a very long time and I could have "bashed" her long ago if that was my inent. But when I learned that she now is considering "teaching" others via her "academy", this is where I drew the line about remaining silent. I can only imagine what kind of "teaching" this woman would do... what kind of feedback will her students receive? Would you not want to be aware of your instructor's methods and ethics if you were unaware? I am not trying to stir up anything (I have enough drama dealing with three teenagers, thank you very much) -- I am however reporting the truth and my experience with a particular designer for the sake of others who may be considering interacting with her themselves.

Josi specifically reached out to a community that she has not supported herself asking for support and reviews. She got her review. It's a very sad situation but Josi is definitely reaping what she's sown.

SyrenMuse said...

As I commented on a friends only post on Violet's LJ blog before she recorded the Valentine's episode the facts are there for anyone who wants to see them to form their own opinions.

noricum said...

Skacel does make crochet hooks, and they're very nice except for the fact that I found the handles would work themselved off.

Have you tried Susan Bates Quicksilver? Not the silvalume... the quicksilver. They're plain grey and not available as many places, but *much* nicer to use. I really like them.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it a change of heart Josi. Nahhh. Not really. It seems as though you're reading more into her comments, trying to bend them in your own mind to fit your desires. I can let that go though. You're prone to those fits of fantasy (medical professionals call it, "delusional.") But enough with that.

You have some skills, yes. Do I love even half your stuff? No. Enough to buy a book? No. You have some stuff that I'd consider marketable and a bunch of other things that are too fruffy and just over the top, way out there. It's stuff made and designed for a niche market. And while that's fine for garnering a small audience of loyal followers, that's not going to get you the longevity in this field you seem to crave. It's one thing to have skills, it's another to have a marketable design aesthetic. I can see you're still working on that.

Cheryl said...


the only "bashing" that was done was that done by Josi. First of all, Jeanie bashed no-one. She pointed out the obvious. Perhaps you think people like Josi, that think they are somehow entitled to be hateful, should just be allowed to continue? It is a very sad day when someone can behave the way Josi has and be allowed to continue and not be held accountable. I teach my children everyday that they need to be responsible for their own actions. Period. If you think that Jeanie warning other people about this womans disgusting behavior is "bashing", then maybe you should take a look at Josi's behavior again. That is "bashing". The bottom line is this syrenmuse, if you can act in such a manner that you can be proud of, you have nothing to worry about. When you choose to be a mean, hateful person, you have absolutely no right to complain when someone says something about that behavior. Don't whine when people have enough and call you on it.
It's that simple.

Jeanie said...

Interesting and very timely reading here.

Queens Knitting Mama said...

Hey Ladies,

We are all sisters here. Let's just stop the fighting and give one another a virtual hug. We really need more love and support in the world. Let's forgive!

Hi Jeanie,

I'm still very excited about crochet cast being back on iTunes. I am a huge fan of yours. I really miss your podcast but I hope you'll find the heart to forgive that lady who done you wrong. Don't carry the anger around, it's poisonous and not good for your soul. Free yourself. Take good care and have a good weekend.


Jeanie said...

Hi Sonya! I couldn't have said it better myself. Where yarn is involved, it's ALL GOOD ;-)

I hold no grudges against the designer-in-question. I honestly feel sorry for her and hope she gets some help. When she first lashed out at me (after I released my first podcast a year ago) I was stunned, but I realized after spending about 30 seconds on her Live Journal that she has some really deep-seated issues and seems to hate the world on most days. How can you not feel sorry for someone like that? My concern now is only for others who may be walking into a land-mine un-knowingly.

Thank you so much for your support -- we hope to have another show out soon.

Lisa said...

Josi, I am one of the people that you have "critiqued", as you like to call it. You do not "critique". You criticize. You cripple. You cut. You humiliate and embarrass. You do it with a vengeance and you love it. You feed off of it and so does your sad little group of friends. It nurtures your sick little soul, and that's assuming you even have a soul left inside of you. I don't know what happened to you or who hurt you in your past that you would seek so desperately to hurt others who don't even know you, but it's just about the most pathetic thing I've ever witnessed. And to add insult to injury, you actually think your work is above reproach which it isn't. Some of your patterns are palatable, but the majority are quite ordinary.

I also don't know how you can say that you don't attack people personally, as just about all of your "critiques" are personal. I could quote you all day long here if I wanted to but I trust that anybody else who cares enough to research it would find your snide remarks all over the Internet. You have a list of enemies longer than any list of achievements you could ever hope for which is a sad thing indeed.

To your friends and supporters:

*Sour grapes? Why in the world would we be sour unless there was reason to be??? It makes absolutely no sense for crafters to turn against someone who contributes to the world of crochet. We need good patterns. We need good designers. Josi has some decent patterns out there... why would we reject that?

*Character assassination? Josi is the Queen.

*Revenge? For what? For good patterns? If people are angry or full of vengeance, there is good reason. I don't see people turning on Teva Durham or Stephanie Japel, do you?

*Empathy? Give me a break.

*Straight shooter? Try straight sniper.

*Pseudo-hippie? What the hell is that? You bunch of losers wouldn't know a hippie (real or not) if it bit you in the butts.

*Sorority girl kiss-asses? Oh let me guess.... more of your non-personal critiquing?

*Deleted Lime & Violet comments? The Crochetcast gals probably prefer comments about their own show on their own site. You can vent about L & V on a site that cares what you think about them.

*Two crochet communities? Unfortunately yes, thanks to people like you who like to stereo-type and segregate. "Okay, all pseudo-hippie/sorority girls please move to the back of the bus." Sound familiar?

*Jealousy? Yep yep, when I grow up I want to be just like Josi!

The bottom line that you and your supporters keep missing is that no one is telling you can't critique. No one is saying that "being direct is a sin" except for you. No one is saying you can't have an opinion. What we are saying however is that crossing the line of offering constructive criticism to being verbally abusive is unacceptable and people aren't going to take it no matter how talented you are. If you REALLY care about "growing" the "art of crochet" then perhaps your input would make more of an impact if you phrased it in a tactful way. I mean, saying "you suck" is not the most helpful "critique", is it?

Snarking is yesterday's news anyway. It's history. Old. Boring. Juvenile. And the whole "bad-ass" persona that you're trying so hard to portray Josi is so transparent that it's almost laughable. Talk about high-school mentality. That's you to a tee. It's time to grow up. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Quit playing the role of the misunderstood (but oh so talented and avant-garde) artist. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you are biting the hand that feeds you. The little amount of talent that you may (or may not, depending on who you ask) have does not outweigh the poison you've spewed on the community who will either make or break you.

Your "good" does not outweigh your "bad". Another commenter compared you to the likes of Pollak. Don't fool yourself. You aren't even close to being a Pollak even in the world of crochet. Your problem is that you think the quality of your work is such that you can treat people like garbage, and it just isn't. I mean, who deemed Josi Hannon-Madera judge and jury of all that's crocheted anyway? You? And even if your work WAS brilliant, it still wouldn't justify insulting people the way you do. You need to take a long hard look at yourself Josi. It may not be easy but you will go nowhere in life until you make some big changes.

Good luck Josi. You're going to need it.

Lisa said...

Oh and for those of you who think "nice" doesn't work, think again.

Anonymous said...


I can't thank you enough for saying what has been in my head for such a long time. I mean, you truly nailed it perfectly.

Repeat after me: HYPOCRITE. She'll be the the first to point out how hateful it is the treat people of varying color in a negative way, but she has no problem segregating women into groups (hippies, sororiety), as if it's OK to stereotype women. And then after they've been segregated, let's tear them apart. I don't understand how she doesn't see that she's doing the same thing but towards women.

I still can't believe this woman is years older than me but acts much younger. I think I get it though. Whatever happened in her childhood keeps dragging her back there, back to that mentality and it's as though she keeps playing it out over and over again, lashing out at people she harldy knows, if at all.

I recommend professional help.

Anonymous said...

I meant to quote this as a perfect example. These are your words Josi:

"Let me make something perfectly clear -- Kim couldn't design her way out of a paper bag. She hasn't done ANY of the technical editing for Crochet Me. She doesn't write patterns of any merit herself, and her ability to draw pattern writers to her own publication has yielded such gems as pee-and-poo purses and vulgar (unfinished looking) blankets...

so that makes her an Editor...? Well, considering my recent experiences with my editors, it all makes perfect sense... people get hired for who they know, not what they can do. That's how I got my book contract... I could've been anyone, but I was recommended by Shannon Okey, so I got in. (They didn't even ask me for a sample pattern... just some photos and an outline.)

So, kids, if you want to be published, or be an editor, all you gotta do is kiss a lot of ass, and don't forget to stay puckered. You don't need talent, all you need are friends and perceived popularity."

This were remarks you made about Kim Werker. I'm not coming from the perspective of a friend, colleague, or even an aquaintance of Kim's, so you can scratch that off as my motivation. It was the first thing I saw over at snarkdom and that's why I'm quoting it.

Now, how isn't that personal? You're saying she doesn't have talent and that she got where she is (new editor of Interweave Crochet) because of popularity? That's some interesting and yet misguided "attibutional error," as we say in psychology. You're attributing her success primarily to knowing people and some sense of perceived popularity.

You also say she "...couldn't design her way out of a paper bag." JAB.

You say, "She doesn't write patterns of any merit herself..." JAB.

Then you said in response to comments: "We'll see... even before she and I had a falling out, I didn't think of her as a particularly stylish person," JAB.

How is any of that not personal, Josi? Now you're criticizing her clothes and her overall persona?

Please spare us the time and aggrevation and stop saying you don't get personal or don't intend to. Because you do. It's your sole mission in life to tear people down. People crochet and you rip them to shreads and in the process you disguise personal insults with your particular brand of "critiquing." There's nothing diplomatic about what you do.

Lisa said...

Well said anonymous. The hypocrisy is obvious, the stereo-typing is rampant, and the immaturity is at an all-time high.

I have to disagree however with the parituclar quote you chose to use as an example of Josi's bashing. Actually, that quote is quite mild (for Josi) and (in my opinion) does focus more on Kim's work than on Kim's character. How accurate the critique is however, I can't say as I'm not familiar enough with Kim or her magazine. My point is that there are many other examples of Josi's personal attacks that are much more representative of what I was referring to. The first one that comes to my mind (because it was mentioned in a previous comment and because it deals specifically with this site) is when she said, "I didn't listen to the podcast, but from the photo -- that's Jeanie Gist.... She's about as interesting as a glass of warm water. I mean b.o.r.i.n.g.... She's thoroughly obsessed with fun fur and novelty type yarns, up to and including water bottle cozies. I wouldn't expect much. It was torturous to talk with her during all of the business talks. She's texas-style religious, SUV mom sorta person."

Another slightly more personal attack on Kim's character (found on the same page of her Live Journal) is, "Oh puh-lease... Kim would never never never go so far as to say anything controversial or critical. She's a and she's too scared of pissing people off to tell the truth."

"Texas-style religious, SUV mom sorta person"? "Play-it-safe all-the-way kinda gal?" Does anyone else see the stereo-typing here? What Josi should probably say is simply, "anybody who is not just like me sucks". These comments are not critiques. They're personal. And yet Josi claims she's "analyzing" our work and that WE'RE the ones attacking her character.

You're right anoymous, the hypocrisy is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lisa, you're right. Because those other ones involve profanity and disgusting uses of normal words that I wouldn't dare quote here. I'm not prude, but I wouldn't want to bring that over here because it isn't my "home" and I wouldn't want to offend. That's why I chose the most tame one I could find quickly.

However, if you knew the relationship between Kim and Josi, you'd know that what was said above WAS personal. Very personal. It was meant to be personal and it was not only out of animosity for a situation between the two, but also out of a perceived jealousy for Kim's recent success (not because she'd want the job, but because I suspect that she hasn't been offered something *like* that and her over-inflated ego thinks at this point in her career, she should have people knocking down her door.)

Unfortunately for her, the only thing stopping Josi is Josi.

Margaret said...

Have any of you noticed that Josi tends to put down people who accomplish something even if it's something small or "beginner quality"? God forbid they should have actually achieved something... which she seems to have a very hard time doing. She seems to be incredibly threatened by anybody who is successful, therefore she tries (unsuccessfully) to take them down a notch by ripping their work and/or their character to shreds. I noticed this the first time I ever read one of her so-called critiques; saw right through her. It's so obvious, I just assumed everybody could see how insecure she is. I guess when you're on the receiving end of it though, it's hard to see it that way.

Anonymous said...


YES. That was my point about mentioning Kim Werker. Kim was successful at something, at getting a job doing something she loves. To me, it's as plain as the nose on my face that she's jealous of Kim success, again, not that she'd atually want the job Kim got, but that it was offered to her in the first place (sort of that, "What about MEee??" complex.)

I don't understand why Josi doesn't get the whole karma concept. I can't help but think that all the bad things that have come her way were a result of all the bad energy she puts out there (online and in real life). Reading her journal is affirmation that I will never be the ornary, hateful, and manipulative person she is.

Anonymous said...

Going back to what Lisa posted with the link, it DOES pay to be nice. The best example I can think of is Carol Alexander. She's smart, succesful, and one of the nicest women in the industry. You can't help but be taken aback by her natural ability to make you feel welcomed in her presence. She's the quintiscential example of what can happen if you're a nice boss.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have never had any run-ins personally with this designer (but I know people who have) but I can tell you that I've bought some of her patterns and they are riddled with mistakes. So while her designs may be nice, her patterns aren't well written and are full of errata. I've had friends who have tried to contact her for pattern support and she was very rude to them too.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, well she's boasted in the past about people contacting her with questions about a pattern they purchased. I just can't imagine treating a customer like that.

Ali said...

Good to hear that your up and running again. Good luck with the new format which sounds great!

Barbara said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad that you took up podcasting again, and I really like the idea of you two now podcasting together - great show!

Karen said...

I love this podcast! Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to share with us. You come across as warm and friendly, and just a 'regular person' who loves crafting (like me!)

I am also grateful for the warning about the person in question. I had just recently joined her website and was planning to begin taking her online courses (which, btw, I thought was such an awesome and original idea to offer over the 'net). I refuse to be subjected to harsh and unfair criticism of any kind at this stage in my life, so needless to say, I will not return there (unless she offers free patterns!) It is truly sad that there are people such as this in the world with such a level of evil and animosity.

Anyway, keep up the good work! I'd love to hear weekly podcasts (hint hint!)

Paladin said...

Re Karen's comment:

... needless to say, I will not return there (unless she offers free patterns!)

If this is a common sentiment, it's pretty sad to think that there are people out there who are willing to sacrifice a moral position (i.e., not patronizing somebody's business or website) for a freebie pattern.

And for those who won't do their own research to determine whether any assumptions made above are warranted, Josi doesn't submit her students to harsh or unfair criticism in the online courses. And you could have figured that out for "free" by reading the discussion that followed the first session.

If you read Josi's own blog on LJ, yes, you'll see that her e-persona is that of an opinionated cuss who sticks by her guns in an argument. That makes her about equal with the people elsewhere who have expressed animosity against her.

Bronwen said...

I'm a huge supporter of crochet in any form of media so I'm really sorry to hear that you can't keep your personal feelings separate from your fibre art.

I question the morality of bashing a person because you claim that they bashed others. I'm just so saddened by the level of vitriol here, not only in the podcast but also in these subsequent comments.

While I would call Josi a friend I realise that she isn't everyone's cup of tea. I know she can be abrupt and abrasive in her criticisms. Honestly that should make no difference - if someone does good work it stands alone regardless of their actions. If you honestly can't separate a personality from a product and you don't wish to promote a new venture that involves her, try not mentioning it at all. Try talking about crochet instead.

Carly said...

What doesn't make sense about what Josi said (i.e. the Jewish comment) is that Jeanie's mom is Jewish. It doesn't make sense that Jeanie would actually say what Josi is claiming she said. So, I don't buy it. Sounds like something Josi made up herself to garner a sympathy vote. After reading her journal, it seems obvious to me that she's used this strategy before.

So, the only person that looks foolish here is Josi.

Jeanie said...

Ahhh Carly. FINALLY someone who is paying attention. Kudos to you My Dear.

Earlier today, when Josi's post was first brought to my attention I was furious. Now I'm actually laughing about it because of how absurd her accusations are. It's sort of funny because she chose to lie about something that was so easy to prove a lie. Perhaps next time she should try to say I'm a sex offender or that I torture small animals... something that's not so easy to refute. Sheesh! Poor girl, of all the things she COULD have said about me, she chose that. Sadly, Josi is her own worst enemy and is hanging herself with her own rope.

Carly said...

I now know fish that have more sense than Josi. I say she should recant and say you torture small animals...with yarn. ;-) I'm glad you're now able to see the humor of her obviously false statements.

Croshay said...

Wow that podcast was bad! Really bad! The only reason I sat through the entire hour was to hear what you were saying about Josi, otherwise you would have lost my interest within the first five minutes! Boooring!


Crochet Goddess said...

Hahahaha!!! I've watched Josi's video!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! And you think THIS is boring??? Hahahahahaha!!!!! Oh my..... that's rich! Oh go buy another can of hair spray Josi! Except THIS time, spray it over your mouth to keep it closed! hahahahahaha!!!

Hysterical! But thanks for sharing.

Jeanie said...

Enough already! This reminds me of a REALLY bad Jerry Springer episode, and this episode is over. If you want drama, go over to Live Journal -- you'll find it there.

Josi, if you decide you would like to discuss this woman-to-woman, call me. If you don't have my number, email me and I'll send it to you. I WELCOME the opportunity to speak to you directly. If however you don't have the courage to call me, at least have the courage to stop the lies.

Regarding this thread, I normally do not delete comments unless they are off-topic (as the comments at the beginning of this thread were), however enough is enough and I will no longer tolerate this absurdity. Consider this thread closed to all who have anything other than something positive to say.