Sunday, March 18, 2007

Episode Whatever

I have no idea what episode number this is since I've recorded and accidentally deleted so many of them but here it is.

Click here to listen.

  • Fiber Trends Crochet Felted Slippers
    First pair

    Second Pair

    Third and fourth pair

  • Cheryl's blog (with pics of her stitch markers and bunny!)


Bev Love said...

Hey there,
What's the url for Cheryl's blog? I would like to see those stitch markers y'all discussed, and more bunny pictures.

khouria jen said...


new episode up!!!! yay!!!!!

sleepycat said...

love the cast! Any suggestions on finding the leaflet for the Lustersheen shrug pattern? That is too cute and would be so nice when the AC gets cold in the office this summer. I can't find anyone that sells them online and I didn't see it at my local JoAnns.

Sara Wright said...

I'm so glad you're back! The new episodes are great and I can't wait to here MORE!!!

omly said...

Miss you guys!