Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring '06 Interweave Crochet Review

Episode 3 (click here to listen)

Dedicated to Dave at Chub Creek -- thanks Dave, hope you like the less structured format. Music by the Podsafe Network:
Hypocrite's Plea by Justin Gordon

Spring '06 Interweave Crochet

Gilded Twinset

Babette Blanket

Sweetpea Cardigan

Lacy Leaf Cocoon

Titania's Capelet

Pink Frosting

Naturally Pattern N1053

Carnival Cardi Wrap

Seafoam Wrap Skirt

Blue Sky Crochet Camisole

Stitch Diva Hairpin Lace Skirt

Goddess Yarns Poncho

Spring Spirals

Seaside Espadrilles

Classic Elite Spring '06 Complements Booklet

Interweave Crochet Granddaughter Socks

My Granddaughter Sock :-(


Roe said...

Great Cast. The "imperfections" are what make it like chatting with a friend. The Divas have a couple of really cute Hairpin Lace Hat patterns. I taught myself hairpin from their tutorial-it's excellent.

Check out SweaterBabe's Flirty Crochet

Vera said...


I've enjoyed the podcast and the review of IK Crochet. I love to knit and crochet and I love the hybrid patterns. I really like the pink top, and I've made the graddaughter socks.

Kellie said...

Enjoyed the show. I like your voice, that is so important in podcasting. I have found that I have a hard time listening to podcasts, no matter how great the content, if I can't stand the voice.

I like your approach to knitting and crocheting. I do both and don't see why if you can do one you can't do the other. Knowing both means there are no barriers to making what I want but it does mean I buy more mags and books and, now, listen to more podcasts. I heard about you from Brenda Dayne, who is someone else with a great voice.

Keep doing what you are doing. Be true to what you feel is right and we will keep listening.

Joy said...

Thank you thank you thank you for your podcast. I have been anticipating your latest podcast for a while.... I am in the UK and so far have not come accross any Crochet blogs or podcasts from anyone in the UK. Keep up the good work I will be tuning in regularly.
Joy (near London)

tekopp said...

The socks.. I've been thinking about them a bit. and came to an idea.
if you crochet in stretch yarns they will give. or crochet with a bit of elastic combined with the yarn (like broklynn michelle talked about on mosh knit).

I've seen strech yarns a few times and always wondered -why- they exist, but this seems like a good reason to it.

Dawn said...

Help!!! I love this issue of the magazine...but I'm stuck in the UK and can't get it. Would someone take pity on me and let me send them a US check for the cost and postage??? I'm from the states and live in the UK now. I still have a checking account in the US, and would wait until the check cleared etc.....I want to make the aphgan!!!

On another the podcast. I've been knitting for years now after years and years of crochet...(that makes me sound much older then I actually am!) I would love to get back to doing a bit of crochet again...(I'm going to do freeform soon!) I've really enjoyed the last month of learning about podcasts and listening to them all!!!

(My prayers are with you and your community at the moment also!

Jeanie said...

Hi Dawn -- I'll get you a copy of this magazine. Just email me with your mailing address and I'll get it out to you!

Dawn said...

Sent you an email, with the subject Dawn from the UK.

Thanks SO MUCH!

Mikol said...

I really liked the new format. You seemed much more relaxed. I really like the patterns that you have chosen from the Interweave magazine. They are so inspiring. It is just a shame that I have so many things on the go at the moment.

Jana said...

great podcast jeanie! i love the new format. less work for you too i'm sure:)

Christine said...

I really enjoyed the latest podcast! I'm still not ready to pick up the hook, but you're getting me closer all the time! Your review of the magazine was great!

ladylinoleum said...

First, I want to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your recent tragedy. Second, I admire your "getting on with it" despite lack of sleep and just, oh, all of it. You're an inspiration my dear. Just remember that when you're feeling low. Not that my opinion matters squat, but my thoughts and good vibes are with you nonetheless.

I loved the free-formed-ness of the cast for this episode and yes, It would be my pleasure to do an interview with you. Those are fun to do! When you're ready just email me at ladylinoleum at monstercrochet dot com.

Hang in there!

alex said...

i wanted to tell you i'm sorry about your loss. I'm currently listening to this episode and I love the new format. You have a very calming voice too btw..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an interesting podcast. I like the musical interludes between the pieces & at the end.

My hours are pretty much 9 - 5 so the only time I have for crocheting is either weeknights and on the weekends. So I enjoy listening to your show while I drive to and from work.

Please keep up the good work!


David in San Francisco

donna said...

I am really enjoying your podcasts, I have only just found them and have listened to them all in the last couple of days. I really want to learn to crochet and it is near the top of my project list. You have really inspired me. You are doing a great job, keep it up.

Liza said...

Love your show, particularly your relaxed and natural style. Your new format brings us right into your living room. Even though I knit much more than I crochet, your podcast is on my #1 listen list.

Diane Lovell said...


My name is Diane and I'm from Australia. I just found your podcast when I was searching for a retailer who sold Interweave Crochet here in Australia.

I really enjoyed your review of the magazine and plan on listening to more of your shows.